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Saviour King Academy - Kibera Slum
Nairobi, Kenya
For a few years now there have been invisible strings wrapping themselves in and around handfuls of people who have BIG 'ole hearts. Soon as the strings began to cinch in we began to see faces and hear the cry of each others hearts. 

Hearts that longed to DO SOMETHING!

The one thing we all had in common was a deep desire to help those who feel hopeless around the WORLD. Our thoughts, talents and visions were different in many ways but... all had their eye on the same  goal... to help people... to BELIEVE they could make a change in their lives for the better. 
To encourage, equip & empower.

Tiff ,blog contributor, & Ann
in Nairobi, Kenya

As a couple of us starting going out into the world to help we developed a kinship. We ran across many groups, projects, non profits, and businesses doing AMAZING things we LOVED. So we made a decision - to create a BLOG that encapsulated all of the things we found to be TRULY - duh-duh-da-da....

Kimber, blog contributor (center) w/ dear Hub &
Daughter  spending time with their sponsor child
& her Grandmother in Arusha, Tanzania
Each one of us is so uniquely created there could not possibly be one perfect option for helping to make a difference. We can make change through sports, child sponsorship, short term trips, water wells, micro businesses, or purchasing items from the hands that are creating them across the globe.

So feel free to linger about this blog. There will be fun things tucked away in different places. It will be like a really fun TREASURE HUNT! One thing is certain - you are bound to stumble upon something you will find truly-

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