Kibera Slum

Welcome to the Kibera Slum. To a land inundated with the forgotten ones crammed under a sea of rusty tin roofs. How many people can you fit into approx. a 1 mile square area? 

1-2 Million. 

 The stunning fact is that the largest percentage of these are children. 
C H I L D R E N 
who have no knowledge of living life any other way. Many children who have never even stepped beyond the border of the slum.Children with no hope of living a better quality life - simply because they do not know one exists. Until now...

We are visiting the school in this picture playing Awana Games .

In the heart of the Slum, Savior King Academy is rising up to meet the needs of these precious ones. They are providing education, uniforms, supplies, food, wisdom, games and most importantly H O P E! They currently as of 2012 have over 300 children in their school. 300+ students in a school with three rooms. Yes - 3 rooms. 

With the growing need to educate more children, to eradicate slum life, the school needs our help. In the process of figuring out how to do this best we have decided a child sponsorship program would be a great fit. For $50 a month you can provide these children with a uniform, school tuition, supplies, and medical when needed.

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